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The Art of Evelyn Kok

Vicious Fishes Collection 3½ x 8½ of 6 cards

Vicious Fishes Collection 3½ x 8½ of 6 cards

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Evelyn said she had 2 buttons: Smile & Kill. These cards are specifically designed to send to people you are displeased with. They are wonderful examples of a picture being worth 1000 words!

Evelyn Kok's artistic career spanned 70 years. She was schooled in Boston where she became an accomplished medical illustrator and professional watercolorist. She married Professor Jan Kok and they eventually settled in Presque Isle, Maine. Evelyn's art flourished "up in the County" where she continued painting, crafted in clay, paper and fiber, made potato print items, printed calendars of her original works and handcrafted various musical instruments. She also taught watercolor painting, gave music lessons and composed hilarious musical scores about such whimsical subjects as compost heaps, rabbits, pollywogs and yard "sailing"...

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